Connection Point Workshop

Connection Point Workshop is the first step for someone wanting to get connected to our church.  This 2-hour class introduces believers to Bethlehem Wesleyan Church.  This is a great opportunity for new attendees to ask questions and learn more about who we are, why we exist and what the Wesleyan Church believes.  Sacraments such as Baptism and Communion are discussed along with the process for becoming a member of the church.    Workshops are offered throughout the year. 

Fun Events & Activities

We believe in having fun at BWC!  Plus we believe that having fun together provides opportunities for people to connect with one another.  Keep an eye out for events throughout the year that provide a chance for us to play together.  Trips to the Shorebirds games, movie nights, game nights...any reason to simple get together! 

Partnership Sundays

A couple times per year, opportunity is given for people to officially partner with our church.  On these Sundays, we celebrate those who have chosen to come alongside in fulfilling the mission of our church.  We choose to not use the term "membership" but rather the term "partnership" because we believe that together we can partner together to increase God's reach through the church into our community.  Expectations of partnership is explained in our Connection Point Workshop.